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EDUCATION: Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics),  Taras Shevchenko national university of Kyiv. 
FIELD OF RESEARCH: Mathematical modeling on a problem of environmental contamination. Computer decision support systems in ecology. GIS-technologies in water management. 
PRESENT POSITION: Laboratory chief of the Laboratory for Computational Methods in Mechanics of Continuous Media, Department of Numerical Mathematics, Faculty of Cybernetics, Taras Shevchenko national university of Kyiv, Ukraine. 
EXPERIENCE     WITH PROJECTS FINANCED BY INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: - ISTC “Ukryttya” («Shelter») in collaboration with International Agency of Atomic Energy Technical cooperation project # UKR/9/010 “Environmental impact assessment for the Chernobyl NPP Unit-4 Shelter”, 1995-1996.- The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (established by the USA, Canada, Sweden and Ukraine). Leader of one of two major activities in the  project #312 “Groundwater  technogenic contamination process simulation and acoustic and other methods development for foreign particles extraction”, financed by Sweden, 1996-1998.- TACIS CBC Program: “Bug and Latorica/Uzh Transboundary Water Monitoring and Assessment”.  Local Expert on Data base management systems and GIS technologies, 1999-2000.

— IDRC Program: “Development and implementation of the ecological and economic assessment of approaches and methods of protecting territories and settlements in the basin of Dnipro river from the ground water rising. Principal researcher, financed by Canada, 1999-2000.

— IDRC Program (in collaboration with SNC-Lavalin Engineers&Constructors Inc., Canada): “Evaluation of Ground Water Pollution by industrial and Communal Wastes”. Principal researcher, financed by Canada, 2000.

— «Water Quality Program Assessment and Abatement Dnipro Estuary Project — Phase 2″ an international technical assistance project of EPA, Principal researcher, 2003-2005.


SPECIFIC UKRAINIAN EXPERIENCE: - “Mathematical simulation of moisture transfer problems, filtration and radionuclides migration with taking into consideration their physics & chemical transformation”, «Intelligence systems» company, Project Manager, 1993“Decision making support systems in ecology”, T.Shevchenko’s Kyiv National University, Responsible executor, 1994-1996.“Generalized optimal control of linear systems in ecology”, T. Shevchenko’s Kyiv  National University, Responsible executor, 1997-1999.“Mathematical modeling on a problem of environmental contamination”, «Technocentre»-State Company for Treatment and Disposal of Mixed Hazardous waste, Expert, 1997-1999.

“Modelling and evaluation of contamints transport to ground- and surface water from industrial and communal wastes disposal sites”, Ministry of Ecology of Ukraine, Head of Project, 1999-2000.

“Ivestigation of mathematical methods of various physical fields modeling”, T. Shevchenko’s Kyiv National University, Head of Project, 2001-2002.

“Creation of a geofiltration model for sites of the city of Kyiv affected by groundwater rising and of an informational system of State Municipal Enterprise ‘Pleso”, Head of Project, 2003-2004.

“Creation a geoinformation system for management a Kyiv’s green belt’ for Kyiv Municipal Enterprise ‘Kyivzelenbud’’, Head of Project, 2005-2006.


OTHER      RELEVANT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: More than 100 scientific articles and papers, printed in the USSR, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, France, Poland and USA.