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Numerical method for complex fluid dynamics with phase transitions

Method of direct numerical modeling for some heterogeneous fluid dynamics is presented. It is supposed that the fluids are compressible and inviscid (non-viscous). Heterogeneities of the fluids are considered as small drops or particles of one fluid within other fluid. Total number of the drops may be large enough and the drops may have phase transitions. Thus simulations of the main fluid (or gas) with small transited drops dynamics are discussed.

These are dynamics of multiphase flows really. Therefore it is possible to use general multiphase flow models in the case. But relevant equations are not complete as a rule. For example, there is a problem as to distribute energies between the phases in the model dynamics. Various physical experiments are necessary for solving of the problem in concrete cases. The situation is more difficult whenever phase transitions are possible.



Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Gennadiy Sandrakov