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Wetlands information system of Ukraine

Efficient functioning of urban plantations and botanical collections requires an objective, complete and timely information support of the staff with the reliable information on the status of plants and all negative changes thereof. One of the main sources of this information is monitoring data as the system of survey, processing, storing and analysis of information on the status of plants, to predict its changes and develop scientifically grounded recommendations for care.

In the process of urban plantations and botanical collections operation large amounts of data of various kinds, including descriptive, digital tabular data, linearly-distributed data, are accumulated. For the efficient work with such data an automated computer system that would include database with a convenient user interface and mapping on the basis of geographical information system is required. Such a system will allow for operational access to all necessary information to improve care for plants.

The developed information system has a flexible structure and consists of the following structural elements:

-software for database with user interface for entering, storing and editing information on the elements of the urban plantation or botanical collection,
-software for automa-ted database queries,

cartographic unit for automatic display of    the query results on a digital map and  creation of technological map charts,

—  software to generate paper records in  prescribed forms.









Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Igor Stelia


Igor Sirenko